Raffle Winners - 29 March, 2024




£4,0002141575J Watt
£5002169899N Sharp
£2501073242E Carr-Khan
£2502196975B Snailham
Tote Bag2404712C Tate
Tote Bag2373409M Mccoll
Tote Bag2415942C Colyer
Tote Bag2420340T Irwin
Tote Bag1084007H vinter
Tote Bag2437624S Yaxley
Tote Bag2375725C Best
Tote Bag2189583A D MacPherson
Tote Bag2129754S Clarke
Tote Bag2377566N Warrington
Tote Bag2411710A Pritchard.
Tote Bag1069459A Firth
Tote Bag1004275S Goodwin
Tote Bag2228278J Dyson
Tote Bag1046300K Clark
Tote Bag2386268J Barnes
Tote Bag2183713L Ferriman
Tote Bag2165102J Farrell
Tote Bag2228042J Dummer
Tote Bag2157966Y Starbuck
Tote Bag2180043D Daley
Tote Bag2175045T Lavington
Tote Bag1028554T Haynes
Tote Bag1095403A Sinfield
Tote Bag2159333C Francis
Tote Bag2194643G Costello
Tote Bag1028933J Harrow
Tote Bag2152631D RYDE
Tote Bag1013705S Davies
Tote Bag2461578L Paine
Tote Bag2387766J Harriman
Tote Bag1058211J Tait
Tote Bag1058996A Amy
Tote Bag2170347I Benfell
Tote Bag2134666V Fraser
Tote Bag2186894T Fry
Tote Bag2197603R Bell
Tote Bag2373407M Mccoll
Tote Bag2396178C Powell
Tote Bag1054013B Campbell
Tote Bag2365291A Pennington
Tote Bag1085762A Dean-Young
Tote Bag2409697S Young
Tote Bag2360961M Paul
Tote Bag1031636A Marie Pointer
Tote Bag2406580J Kibblewhite
Tote Bag2142080A Stephen
Tote Bag1012009E Johanson
Tote Bag1035835J Williams
Tote Bag2414338D Hamill
Tote Bag2142347M Peden
Tote Bag1048861L Bellamy-Mockford
Tote Bag2131653T Styles
Tote Bag1005555P Scholes
Tote Bag1043965S Reay
Tote Bag2420341T Irwin
Tote Bag2162011S Fayers
Tote Bag2417160R Feltham
Tote Bag2131933T Mann
Tote Bag2401262G Munn
Tote Bag2173581E Frost
Tote Bag2170644S Frazao Pinheiro
Tote Bag2181745J Millener
Tote Bag2449730C De Souza
Tote Bag2385755C Foster
Tote Bag1018084M Flynn
Tote Bag2366149L Hart
Tote Bag2330660M B Lad
Tote Bag2410035J Davies
Tote Bag2388797D Voysey
Tote Bag1078366J Wood
Tote Bag2399081A Searle
Tote Bag2388486S Cottrell
Tote Bag2156026S Charles
Tote Bag2176895C Ashford
Tote Bag2408869H Ellis
Tote Bag1077903E Tichener
Tote Bag1069383H MacLeary
Tote Bag2146823
Tote Bag1020209S Demelo
Tote Bag2157836L Grierson
Tote Bag2163219D Parker
Tote Bag2141572J Watt
Tote Bag2165226P Chandler
Tote Bag1038271G Fischer
Tote Bag1002625p baines
Tote Bag2197604R Bell
Tote Bag1085250R Douglas
Tote Bag2160087
Tote Bag2162763M Bush
Tote Bag1027469L Barnes
Tote Bag1079302K Frost
Tote Bag2441127R Melvin
Tote Bag1024591S MacDermott
Tote Bag1026322M Huntington
Tote Bag1080721P Newman
Tote Bag1026944G Lloyd
Tote Bag1039472L Monro
Tote Bag2435785S Barber
Tote Bag2101576

Raffle Winners - 2 June, 2023




£4,0003366601R Coyle
£5003372521A Stealey
£2501059868R Michael
£2501006652S wooder
Tote Bag1082451J Shakesby
Tote Bag3212053D Davies
Tote Bag1048644A Ashton
Tote Bag3241642A Dacosta
Tote Bag3222004M Trevett
Tote Bag3137496S Goodwin
Tote Bag3321829A Bailey
Tote Bag3238323N Lukes
Tote Bag3134507E Griffiths
Tote Bag3115202S Wells
Tote Bag3220971S Toogood
Tote Bag3241258A Feige
Tote Bag3241257A Feige
Tote Bag3232412D Hughes
Tote Bag3158176B Evans
Tote Bag1027007A Ulgen
Tote Bag1021319A Amy
Tote Bag3281158M Peden
Tote Bag3168905S Norton
Tote Bag3359381I Jeffers
Tote Bag3252168Y Wright
Tote Bag3180739S White
Tote Bag3319602D Clark
Tote Bag1062758C Bedford
Tote Bag3305403J Gunn
Tote Bag3283302E Mcnab
Tote Bag1066936A Riley
Tote Bag1047666E Waller
Tote Bag3111314Y Starbuck
Tote Bag1077821C Prangle
Tote Bag1010372C Ashford
Tote Bag3307799P Guppy
Tote Bag1050227K Fox
Tote Bag3326536M Reece
Tote Bag3207552P Wright
Tote Bag1066897E Bennett
Tote Bag1014653A Tweedie
Tote Bag3158210C Finnerty
Tote Bag3167681J Anderson
Tote Bag3364447M Williams
Tote Bag1052310C Ryan
Tote Bag1092148A Slack
Tote Bag3317909C Windsor
Tote Bag1028614J Hayter
Tote Bag3330886J Bond
Tote Bag3251060D Mcconnell
Tote Bag3369074J Osorio
Tote Bag3156123L Edwards
Tote Bag3223206V Croxford
Tote Bag1040037J Marshall
Tote Bag3152046C Fairhall
Tote Bag1060258M Mark
Tote Bag1075194C Liddle
Tote Bag3341749A Unwin
Tote Bag1069223O Jones
Tote Bag1002068S Hodgson
Tote Bag1029090G Davies
Tote Bag1044547O Nelson
Tote Bag3182090V Fletcher
Tote Bag3320698K Hockridge
Tote Bag3320721K Hockridge
Tote Bag3320693K Hockridge
Tote Bag1079408A Abbott
Tote Bag3160756A Hough
Tote Bag3262206C Mcdermottroe
Tote Bag1071972G McCloskey
Tote Bag3269460T Leach
Tote Bag1025526L Lungley
Tote Bag3187396E Gorman
Tote Bag2038680 Brown
Tote Bag1099209T Lee
Tote Bag3166194S Lee
Tote Bag3333694S Barlow
Tote Bag3333715S Barlow
Tote Bag1001067J Marsden
Tote Bag3325021G Child
Tote Bag3257543D Brown
Tote Bag1023350J Parsons
Tote Bag1037122S Upson
Tote Bag1020557J Braker
Tote Bag3359043M O'Toole
Tote Bag1034137N Murphy
Tote Bag3204739D Rasle
Tote Bag3278309C Logan
Tote Bag3321125R Browning
Tote Bag3120878S Ford
Tote Bag1067115G Webster
Tote Bag3182776L Walters
Tote Bag3135443J Shuttleworth
Tote Bag3131224H Eato
Tote Bag3246144A Collett
Tote Bag1019085R Birchmore
Tote Bag1070429R Birchmore
Tote Bag1071704M Stone
Tote Bag3335684L Goodall
Tote Bag3262305E Halley
Tote Bag3280164S MacKenzie
Tote Bag3344600P Smith
Tote Bag3335347Z Thomas
Tote Bag3152906A Murray

Join our previous winners

"Having lost good friends to brain cancer over the years, I signed up to The Brain Tumour Charity's raffle to raise money for vital research.

I couldn't believe it when I found out I had won £500 in the raffle"

Alan, Berkshire

"I started supporting The Charity a few years ago after losing a friend suddenly to a brain tumour. I saw the Raffle as another way to support this amazing cause - I didn't expect to win!

I've never won anything in my life, I'm delighted!"

Richard, Kent


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